Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work

Note: We do not endorse nor sell penis enlargement pills or supplements, nor do we dismiss whether they work or not. PhalloBoards is a resource for you to ask other men about their penis enlargement experiences whether its regarding a technique, pill, supplement, or procedure.

You have certainly seen many penis enlargement pills advertisements throughout the web if you have been looking at penis enlargement options. Most times they claim #1 Penis Enlargement Pill or "HUGE Results FAST", always remember, these are advertisements to try and get you to purchase their products.

To answer your question: NO, there are no studies that have proven if penis enlargement pills work.

Potential Penis Enlargement Pills Side Effects

While it may seem like such an easy fix to simply pop a pill here and there and start to see larger results in your penis, this is just simply not the case. Many of the products advertised can actually put you at risk.

What men aren't aware of is that those with heart conditions, or taking medications for blood pressure can be at serious risk. Because many of the ingredients in male enlargement pills are hidden or unknown, and the medications you are currently on just simply aren't supposed to be mixed in with those ingredients in the supplements.

This Can Lead To:

Loss of Consciousness
Unsafe Drops in Blood Presure
Difficulty Concentrating
and more.

Penis Enlargement Education

The is an educational resource for you! You can browse the information on this site in your own private setting, it is a 100% private and discrete website set up for men to explore various penis enlargement options, and ask questions to other men to educate themselves on others experiences. Many men over the years have tried penis enlargement pills before they found the PhalloBoards, and write to us after wishing they had found it first.

We encourage to get the information you need before you purchase those penis enlargement pills putting you at potential risk and disappointment.