Can you tell me more about scrotal webbing surgery?

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Dr. Solomon:

Scrotal webbing is an issue for many men. It can interfere with intercourse and be a source of irritation during exercise. There are several methods of correcting the web. The oldest method is known as z-plasty. Other methods include a U shaped skin excision and a V shaped skin excision. The decision about which pattern to use is based upon the extent of the problem, which varies with each patient. The surgery itself is not associated with much postoperative discomfort, but there is a large a mount of swelling. This takes the better part of a month to resolve and in that time men are restricted in terms of physical activity and sexual activity. Surgery is performed as an outpatient. Some patients require a drain to be used while others do not. This is a decision that I make at the time of surgery. The scars from these procedures are well hidden due to the nature of the skin of the scrotum. I use dissolving sutures that do not need to be removed.