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The PhalloBoards community was created over a decade ago with YOU in mind. We have quickly become the internet's premier resource for penile girth information, penile girth fillers, penile girth physicians and much more! We have over 10 years of discussion from REAL Patients throughout the world. The reason we have become a trusted resource for California penile girth enhancement procedures, is that we allow you to browse our content from the privacy of your own setting. This is a fully discrete site and no personal information shall ever be shared, we stick to our ethics.

Whether you are looking to increase penis size, penis width or penis length, this is the resource of resources for everything you can learn about the industry.


With all the information flooding the market and physician's claiming they are the experts, it can be hard to sort through fact or fiction. And that's ok! Many members of our community stumbled across the site just before starting their procedures and have been eternally thankful for getting the information needed before proceeding. it is a very safe procedure, but if done incorrectly, can also be very devastating for a man both physically and mentally. While we do get stories from men who have shared unfortunate experiences, there are also many stories about successful procedures and satisfied patients!

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As with any body enhancement procedure, you will always do your due diligence and know what to expect. You may wonder about the various penile fillers, or want to see before and after pictures from individuals experiences, or just want to get general knowledge to help you prepare for your journey. This is why we have a "Penile Enhancement Before and Afters Gallery" with before and after images provided by REAL users. These are not the "best of the best" pictures that doctors post on their sites. Real users want to share their experiences for others.

Another resource that PhalloBoards has that other resources don't, is the opportunity for you to ask questions directly to our qualifed and vetted physician's in our "Penile Girth Physician's Forum". This resource is there for you to ask any of the doctors directly about a procedure, expectations, side effects, or what to prepare for.

We also have a "Physician's Directory" with doctors who have been vetted and qualified by the PhalloBoards community, and have been welcomed to the site. You do not have to use these physicians, there are many quality physicians out there, these have just come to the top of our list here within the community. And you can learn more about the penis enlargement surgery California cost.

Remember, all discussions are private and discrete! If you are overwhelmed with the terminology, you can visit our "NEWBIE GUIDE" that provides a glossary of terms used in the industry as well as frequently asked questions and an overview on how to navigate the site's resources.