Blunt-Tip Cannula vs Needle Phalloplasty Procedure

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Dr. Oates:

We use 'blunt' cannula. Most injections were being done with needles which have a cutting point. Cannula look similar but are blue ended. We need to puncture the skin with a needle first then use the cannula once in. Injecting is the space between the superficial (Dartos) fascia and deep (Buck's) fascia. Inject circumferentially.

Dr. Wall:

I prefer the use of a blunt tip cannula. I perform a dorsal nerve block to the base of the penis first to numb it along its whole length. I then use a slightly larger size cannula then most practitioners to avoid the risk of damage to veins and arteries. Smaller gauge cannulas can more easily penetrate the deep fascia, which can lead to scarring of the fascia that can result in permanent deformities to the shaft, along with damage to underlying erectile tissue/nerves and vessels. A needle is used to inject the head of the penis. It is performed in a similar way to lip fillers. 3-5ml into the glans is the usual amount for best results. Rarely, you may need to use a needle in some circumstances such as previous use of collagen stimulating injections such as Ellanse. The collagen stimulating process causes a thickening of the internal architecture between the fascial layers making it hard to pass a cannula. This situation is uncommon.