The bibhanger has quite the reputation around the internet as a technique to increase penis size. While we are not here to promote or dispel the bibhanger, we have created one of the internet's largest communities for men exploring options such as the bibhanger technique, penis sleeve, supplements, or a general surgical procedure. There are over 10,000 men in the PhalloBoards community who discuss these various techniques with each other, whether they want to know what possible expectations to have, whether they work or not, or any possible side affects. It's a great resource for you to get the right information you need about the bibhanger that is discussed throughout the site.

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Possible Side Effects from the
Bibhanger Technique

Damage to the Penile Tissue from Too Much Weight
Curvature of the Penis
Nerve Damage in the Penis
Peirones Disease (Plaque Built up in the Shaft Makes it Painful to Have Sex)

The PhalloBoards was created as a forum for men looking to learn more about penile girth ehancement procedures and we have become the internets #1 resource for everything penile enhancement and penile filler related information. There is a community of over 10,000 members who provide answers to questions, discuss procedures with each other and share their own experiences.


This is an educational resource, we do not want individuals to have a terrible experience with a physician and cause damage to themselves with the wrong information provided at the get go. This is the same with the bib hangar technique, many would like to grow in size but don't realize how really damaging this can be to your body. As with any body enhancement procedure its important to have the right information. As part of this forum, if you have tried the bib hangar technique, please share your opinions with others in the forum. The pros and cons, things to watch out for, and possible results you've had. This is what the site is for and you may help 1000s of other men who have been looking in to the bib hangar technique to know what to expect.

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We want this educational resource to be a tool for you. If you have questions or would like to get experiences from others regarding the bib hangar penis enhancement techniques, bib hangar results and bib hangar possible side effects. Education is key, so if you'd like to be a part of the community, sign up today!