Bib Hanger

As men explore their options for penile enhancement procedures and techniques, the bib hanger is a unique procedure that you will see throughout the internet while doing your research. While some may tout the effectiveness of the bib hanger technique, there are some serious issues that can arise that men must be wary of. Such issues as tissue tear in the penis, Peirone's disease (Plaque build up in the shaft making sex painful), nerve damage and impotence just to name a few of the risks.

PhalloBoards was created as a resource for men looking to explore the male enhancement procedures available to increase penis size. The PhalloBoards community has over 10,000 members who discuss their experiences and warnings to others. There are a wide variety of penile enhancement fillers on the market nowadays and a ot of physicians jumping in to the industry so its important that you fully understand the ins and outs of penile girth enhancement techniques including the bib hanger amongst others. You of course can try whatever procedure you believe is right, but the forum exists for you to ask questions and get the answers you need!



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