Bib Hanger Girth Enhancement Procedure

There are a wide variety of procedures in the penile girth enhancement industry, and a lot of men have heard about bib hangers and the ability to increase their penis size. While we can't completely dispel the through process behind this strategy, there are risks involved. There is a serious risk of damaging the tissue in your genital area amongst other potential issues. PhalloBoards is the #1 resource on the internet for penile girth enhancement procedure discussions from REAL men. With over 10,000 members strong, this community discusses various procedures. If you have tried the bib hanger method, we encourage you to sign-up for an account and share your experiences with other men. Whether you had success or serious side effects, it is important that other men have the education to make the right decision for themselves.


When it comes to bib hanger information, PhalloBoards is an open community where members discuss various bib hanger penile girth enhancement successes and risk.

Bib Hanger Penile Girth Enhancement Risks

When you put too much weight on your genital area, as mentioned above, this can do serious damage to the tissue in your penis. Potential risks include:

Curvature of the Penis
Nerve Damage
Tissue Damage
Peirone's Disease - Plaque built up in the shaft, painful to have sex

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While we do not have before and after images for the bib hanger approach to penile girth enhancement, we do have a penile girth enhancement before and after gallery of images provided by REAL patients. These members have graciously provided photos and their experience to help educate others.

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