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Note: The PhalloBoards site is created for the penis enlargement surgery procedure. Because of the "industry" there are discussions on various penis enlargement techniques, pills, and supplements in this forum. We are not here to dispel or dismiss any particular option but provide REAL information. This site does not sell pills nor promote the use of any pills.

But with that said, you've most likely found this site because you've been exploring options in regards to the penis enlargement industry and have most likely come across advertisements throughout the web pressing penis enlargement pills and supplements on you while promising these are the BEST PENIS ENLARGEMENT PILLS or you will obtain HUGE results, remember, these are just ads. You have the opportunity to join our community of over 10,000 members who discuss all aspects of penis enlargement, ask questions to the community, get feedback, share your experience to help others and more!


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This penis enlargement resource was created for men, and has become one of the internet's premier resources for quality and reliable information. We don't push any tactics, techniques, or supplements, just a growing community of men helping each other out. We are primarily dedicated to the penis enlargement procedure that has grown within the male community and medical community vastly over the recent years.

A great place to start if you'd like to start learning about the procedure itself, we recommend starting at the NEWBIE GUIDE which has the answers to frequently asked questions along with a glossary of terms to help you understand this particular penis enlargement procedure.

But if you are specifically looking for supplements and pills for penis enlargement, unfortunately all we can provide is our general forum where you can ask other men if they have tried these techniques and if they can refer you to the best penis enlargement pills. But make sure you ask questions and learn more about possible side effects!