Best circumcision for girth enhancement (filler)

This is a common questions amongst individuals looking at phalloplasty and penis enhancement procedures. Please see 2 of our respected doctors answers below! To learn more or join in the conversation, please set up an account and participate in our forum!


Dr. Wall:

Such a great question, and one I would imagine not many consider prior to adult circumcision if one plans to have filler phalloplasty. I prefer the high and loose cut (not overly loose). This is especially appropriate if one has significant size goals with a plan for 20ml or more. It allows easier expansion of the tissues and a more smooth, symmetrical result.

Dr. Horn:

I’d recommend a low and tight or low and loose circumcision for dermal girth injections. They key aspect being the scar close to the glans.

Dr. Shafer:

You do not need to be circumcised. We treat both circumcised and uncircumcised patients.

Dr. Casavantes:

Circumcision isn’t required but strongly encouraged before injection.

Dr. Carney:

Circumcision isn’t required by strongly encouraged before injection. (re-wording)